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18 January 2006 @ 09:33 pm
Well well,

Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year!

A month later... Haha

Well everything has been great with me! I haven't been this happy and stress free in awhile. Well, last week I had the flu and now I think my wisdom teeth are coming in. Ick. I've been spending a lot of time with my friends and hanging out with Joe. He's such a sweetie. Keeps me company and helps me out when I feel helpless ;-)

Lets see... I got tons of great stuff on X-mas and had a great time with my family, whom I see 3 times a year. I had to work new years morning so I didn't get too trashed on new years eve. Joe had some of his friends over for a lil party so I went there. Let him drive my ass to work ;-) hahah.

Romee, my dog, got stuck in a tree...
I had to call 911 two days in a row cause of him. Pretty damn funny I'd have to say. You'll be seeing him picture on the web sometime... This tiny little dog with huge ears 30 feet up in the air. That it going to be my cheer up thought from now on! He fell off the first time and I had to carry him around for a day cause I think he bruised something. But he was fine after a couple hours. Then he did it the next day and 911 did not believe me at all... I had to talk to 3 different opperators and finally the firemen came. Got him down yaaay! He's gunna be 2 in a couple days!!

Happy Birthday Romee! hehe

My mom got a new dog... He's adorable but even more dumb than my dog is. Pretty sad!

My friend Adam moved back the the Roc so I'm happy about that. Maybe he won't be so mad at me all the time for not calling him.. Cause I'll be at his apt. all the time cause he's like 5 minutes away! I'm actually supposed to hang out with him tonight! Shit I have to do more laundry and get to the tanning salon before 11! I'm out...

Love yas,
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06 November 2005 @ 12:08 am
So LJ changed again.. sweet.

Ugh change... Speaking of that... it's starting to get mighty cold outside. None-the-less the leaves are changing and it's super pretty but I hate cold and snow, I don't think I can say that enough.

Halloween was pretty cool, I was a 'fallen angel.' Halloween is a great time for me... I get to wear those cute little outfits that need me putting fakies in 'em. haha.

Work has been nuts. Nuts! Enough with that.

I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow morning, I'm so excited! I love babies, other people's babies ;-) I was going to be the game person for this shower but I doubt it now, I'm too lazy. I just spent all this time making out a baby naming sheet thingy, made it all colorful and nice... Whaddaya know, no colored ink. So I go back and take most of the colors out and start to print.... No fucking paper. Just my luck. I was trying to call my friend Joe over to give me paper from work but his ass must still be working cause he's not answering.. Blah. I am way too fucking tired for all of this! Lol

Uhm... I dunno *shrug* :-)

Oh! I went to see Saw 2! It's awesome! Go see it! Jordan took me on Halloween night :-) Luckily I didn't have any nightmares that night... Or call the cops like last year ;-)

G'night All
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19 October 2005 @ 08:23 pm
Ahhh today was a good day. Besides the cold weather. It was my day off and I got a lot of shit done... I'd like more days like these but then I think I'd spend way too much money. My bank is tapped out for some reason. I really don't remeber spending all this money *shrug* Well I got a new cdplayer for my car the otherday and Jordan put it in for me which was wonderful! I love it! It's very cute :-) I'm about to rip everything out of my car to paint it... I just feel like painting it for some reason. Haha. Ahh I'm so bored and I can't even think right now because my mom is yapping in my ear. Ugh. Alright. Back to reality. So I've been working a lot... I started working back in the kitchen doing the salads and deserts... It's so much fun! Plus I get to flirt with all the cooks and eat all day. Haha. I've been hanging out with this one kid from work, Joe. He's a cool kid. I bitch and complain to him about all my drama and he doesn't seem to mind. That's a nice thing to have. I guess his girlfriend is a bitch but I think all guys say that about their women. I just don't want to start drama and tension and I get this feeling I am. I know the feeling... Your man hanging out with a new girl.. Blah.. not a good feeling at all so I feel guilty for some of their fights. Hmmm.. I'm still single... I don't mind it at all... besides the fact that X-mas is coming up.. I'm worried about being alone for that. But I'll always have my friends. I've been hanging out with my gf Anne a lot, going out to the bar and meeting so many new ppl.... One of her bf's friends likes me so we'll see where that goes :-) Ugh, I really can't concentrate. Thanx mom.
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27 August 2005 @ 04:52 pm
So it's my birthday soon... whoopdie fuckin doo ;-) Hopefully I won't be alone on that day... Jordan said he'd spend it with me... That's all I asked from him really... But who knows. We were hanging out a lot lately.. Or talking atleast but I think that is slowly ending. I don't really know. I think he's afraid to hurt me again or just of a relationship with me again, I'm not quite sure. I was really enjoying myself with him. It was really nice. Nice to have him in my arms again and vice versa. Everything seemed almost normal... We were so lovey, so affectionate... Happy. But then I guess you could say it got weird *shrug* His immaturity [on certain things] and my over thinking brain just clashed. We haven't talked in a few days... I tried but I'm not going to over-do it. Stupid me also told him I loved him. Ugh. D'oh. Well I do. So I said it. Fuck it. I meant it. I really hope he gets over what ever happend the other day... I really don't know what happend. I just think we were trying to take it slow and that wasn't happening. Things are, were, going fast. I didn't mind. But then again I don't mind him as a friend, even th0 I fucking hate that title. The love of my life... my "friend" Blah.

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15 August 2005 @ 03:09 pm
It's been a LooOoOooong time and so much has happend in my life. Stuff I don't even want to talk about or explain.. But of course I suppose you all figure that my heart got ripped out of my chest and trampled on and well, I suppose you're kinda right ;-) So yeah, Jordan and I broke up. Whoa. That sucked. Prolly one of the most suckiest moments I will remember. But... We're civil.. That's cool, for now.

I'm still at Uno's. Wo0. Yeah great. I've been working my ass off too keep myself busy. I don't even really get to spend my money cause I'm so busy. I guess it all goes to bills and... down the drain? Ugh I sound so down.. I'm just listening to my thoughts as I type them out and for real, I'm not down. I'm pretty okay. It's my day off... I'm doing laundry and burning cd's, it's gorgeous outside annnndd.... Life isn't so bad.

My life isn't horrible but it seems like everyone elses' is. Rich's dad... Megan's grandma... Peoples' friends... It sucks. So much shit. Life is too short for all this bullshit. I just want to be happy for the rest of my life and have nothing ever go wrong. Hehe. It'll happen one day. I have faith ;-)

Well I'm lovin my new apt! It's nice... Quiet and clean now :-) I wouldn't be able to do it without my puppy. Living alone really blows sometimes... But I guess you get used to it. I have really cool neighbors, once again. And I hang out with 'em all the time. I even get discounts at the bagel shop next door ;-) Wo0! Haha. Speaking of which... I haven't eaten in a long time... Yesterday all I ate was a leftover taco and a breadstick from work. Maybe that's why I'm feelin so crappy *shrug*

Well I gotta get gift wrapping. It's Jordan's b-day tomorrow and I dunno.. I guess I miss buying him things so I picked up a little something just cause... I guess it's good we're friends now... makes life a little easier and it gives me something to spend money on.. Lol.

BTW! My b-day is comin up! Oooooooh yeah :*( Ugh. I'm not going to be a teenager for much longer...
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23 March 2005 @ 03:22 pm
Today I went out apartment shopping... Actually looked inside places. Ugh am I disapointed in a way. They're all so small or run down or won't allow dogs or something. Bleh. I did find one I really like th0... It's cheap, nice location, nice house... it's on the 3rd floor th0.. Eh, good excercise I suppose! It's still in Webster so I'm still close to all my friends and I'm not going to get lost finding my way around. I'm calling the guy back tomorrow so I can show it to Erika and get her opinion. Dave, Erika's hubby, went with me today which was totally awesome cause I didn't know what questions to ask.

Uhm uhm uhm... Things still aren't getting anywhere with Jordan... I still love him but.. I'm also realizing the fact that it is probably not going anywhere unless he starts to make an attepmt with us. Hopefully so but if not, I can handle life on my own. I'm really having a blast at work.. I've met so many new ppl and I continue to do so. People will always be there for me even though I'd really like one of those to be my boyfriend. Things are going to change when I'm moved out. We won't see eachother as much at all... I'll be in my own place and he'll be back with his parents. Good for him, sure... I could move back in with my parents to save money but, I like the whole responsibility thing... And I like to have a place to call my own home... and to have my own rules n such. It's a good feeling ya know?!?

Tonight I'm gunna party at Erika's and Dave's crib... They're havin ppl over, as usual... Funnnn funn I tell ya!!! I don't know what I'd do without them!

Ugh I've been up since 8am, no idea why, and I'm just fuckin EXHAUSTED! I tried to sleep again but that just didn't happen... So I'm gunna go relax or something before it's time to drink...

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14 March 2005 @ 02:17 pm
I started work yesterday, not bad. It's only the training but I can pretty much tell it's going to be a cool place. Unfortunatly I need health insurance and the insurance they offer SUCKS! :-( I have to remember this line, "to create and environment and dining experience that promises and delivers personal guest satisfaction." Not hard right? Bleh... I hate memorising anything. I have training again today... and tomorrow... and the next... and so on. Wo0! Atleast I'm getting paid for this.

Right now Jordan is fixing my car :-) Awwwwwe. Turns out I'm probably not going to get a new alternator any time soon because it's over $300 buckaroos. MOTHERFUCKER! So he's doing something to my battery *shrug* He knows what he's doing and that's all that matters! I'm so lucky

Well I gotta get goin...
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10 March 2005 @ 06:18 am
Let's see....

Jordan's dad broke his leg working on a truck =/ So Jordan has been taking care of him the last couple day. I guess he's havin surgery this morning, they're putting in a metal plate and just yuck, I feel so bad for him. I offered to help out with him but I don't know if Jordan even relays the message to him. He thinks it's 'weird' I suppose. I don't th0, he's family-like to me. I would take care of a family member if they needed help!

I totally need a new alternator. Blah. Sucky ass! My car died twice yesterday... It just wouldn't start up. That is the worst thing ever. So I have to get that fixed, by Sunday. But because I have such a wonderful man in my life (hehe) he's going to fix it for me. I guess that's cool cause even th0 we're rocky right now, he's still willing to help me out. Very cool.

Rob and Erin are in town for the week! I'm so excited. I really like those guys. We're gunna go see Be Cool today and I'm so happy at that! The only thing about them that somewhat 'bothers' me is how happy they are. They're one of those perfect couples... mushy gushy... Blah. I want that mother fuckers! Haha.. But none-the-less, I'm happy for their happiness... =p

Uhhhh... I start work Sunday. Whoa. I'm nervous but totally excited at the same time. Something new in my life. I'm trying to change everything about my life... So far I've colored my hair different, got a funky new cut... Uh... I swear there was something else.. Well, it's a start. If I change the way I am now, not for bad reasons just because I don't like who I am, maybe things will be.... less shitty? Hah.. Who knows. I did have a reason for change but, I forgot. Shows how much I really care about my well-being. Hahah.

Wow, 6am right now... I just hopped in bed and noticed that my laptop was on so I thought I'd do a quick lil update. Nothing new, nothing bad...

SoOoOoo... G'night!
Sweet Dreams
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08 March 2005 @ 05:55 pm
Well well, last night was very interesting. It was Diane's birthday but I never ended up hanging out with her. Jeff and Matt stopped over and within an hour we ended up at Rex's. My depression has led me to smoking pot. Bleh. It's the stress and the anger that really gets to me, so I drown it out by smoking I guess. I didn't only get high, I fuckin smoked half a pack of cigarettes in about 3 hours, maybe less. Ugh. Some people came over and brought alcohol so then I ended up getting drunk. Really fuckin drunk. Around 2am I started getting the spins and I can't even really remember the night. I do remember getting hit on hardcore. Not even hit on... Just someone wanting to get in my pants. Didn't happen by the way. I guess I could be really pissed about that but, I'm not. I almost enjoy the feeling of someone putting effort into getting me. I guess that's all I really want from Jordan... For him to try. I can't ask for too much th0. Things aren't getting any better between Jordan and I... Just really good sex, all the time. I guess that's the only thing about him I can really enjoy at the moment. It sucks that it's not 'making love' but I really do love it. I don't feel used by him at all... I'm the one that always wants it and I don't let him say no. I think I was talking some mumbo jumbo to him last night cause he said something to me this morning about if I remembered all the stuff I said... I can only imagine.

Once again I'm really depressed today. I just got depressed all the sudden. I just want a hug :-( I want to be held by Jordan... What really sucks is that I don't even know if he's coming home tonight. And I can't ask him to come home cause there's always that chance of him saying no and then I'll be so much worse than I already am. I want to call him to say I love you but I'm too scared.



I'm so confused, I can't even type what I'm really trying to type cause I have a million things dancing around my brain. Good stuff, bad stuff, the things I want to happen, and the things I doubt will. I hate doubt. I love Jordan and I hate him for it.
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04 March 2005 @ 03:04 pm
Well doesn't everything just take a huge turn for the worse. I don't get my life. As soon as I'm happy or as soon as things are going somewhat back to normal... Things go right down the shitter. Here I am again, stuck. Stuck between a rock and a hard place... More like stuck back in this hell we call life.

Jordan and I are on a new break... Oh yay. And ya know what, fuckin fine! Except I am not going to sit around here like I did the last month and cry and obsess over the fact that well, we're just not going to work out. To be honest... I will do that... Oh definitely. I've already been crying today.. I'm still crying now. I could prolly sit and wallow in all my tears.


I'm sure they all don't. There is a real man out there for me. Someone who will love me unconditionally. It just sucks. I don't want that other man. But I guess I don't want this one either, well not in this situation. I'd like a better version of the man I have... The way he used to be. But ya know what... I can't always get what I want... No matter how much I love and care for it... I'm doomed... Doomed an eternity of heartach and self-loathing.


I got my hair done today. That's prolly the only positive thing that is going to happen today. Of course Jordan's mom did it.. She's the best. She told me not to wait around for him... Basically that he shouldn't be doing this bullshit to me. He's putting me through this hell that he must get off too... Cause I don't get why he's doing it and his mom doesn't either. He thinks this new break is going to help something?? Yeah... "Call me on Wednesday." OKAY. So I get to live my life for 5 days without him... No seeing him, no talking to him... NOTHING... and please tell me... What fucking good is 5 hellish days going to do for us? He's going to gain some new kind of respect for me in that time? HAH. Bullshit. I hate bullshitters. He's fuckin with my head and he loves it.
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