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14 March 2005 @ 02:17 pm
Numero uno...  
I started work yesterday, not bad. It's only the training but I can pretty much tell it's going to be a cool place. Unfortunatly I need health insurance and the insurance they offer SUCKS! :-( I have to remember this line, "to create and environment and dining experience that promises and delivers personal guest satisfaction." Not hard right? Bleh... I hate memorising anything. I have training again today... and tomorrow... and the next... and so on. Wo0! Atleast I'm getting paid for this.

Right now Jordan is fixing my car :-) Awwwwwe. Turns out I'm probably not going to get a new alternator any time soon because it's over $300 buckaroos. MOTHERFUCKER! So he's doing something to my battery *shrug* He knows what he's doing and that's all that matters! I'm so lucky

Well I gotta get goin...
Current Mood: accomplished:-)