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15 August 2005 @ 03:09 pm
It's been a LooOoOooong time and so much has happend in my life. Stuff I don't even want to talk about or explain.. But of course I suppose you all figure that my heart got ripped out of my chest and trampled on and well, I suppose you're kinda right ;-) So yeah, Jordan and I broke up. Whoa. That sucked. Prolly one of the most suckiest moments I will remember. But... We're civil.. That's cool, for now.

I'm still at Uno's. Wo0. Yeah great. I've been working my ass off too keep myself busy. I don't even really get to spend my money cause I'm so busy. I guess it all goes to bills and... down the drain? Ugh I sound so down.. I'm just listening to my thoughts as I type them out and for real, I'm not down. I'm pretty okay. It's my day off... I'm doing laundry and burning cd's, it's gorgeous outside annnndd.... Life isn't so bad.

My life isn't horrible but it seems like everyone elses' is. Rich's dad... Megan's grandma... Peoples' friends... It sucks. So much shit. Life is too short for all this bullshit. I just want to be happy for the rest of my life and have nothing ever go wrong. Hehe. It'll happen one day. I have faith ;-)

Well I'm lovin my new apt! It's nice... Quiet and clean now :-) I wouldn't be able to do it without my puppy. Living alone really blows sometimes... But I guess you get used to it. I have really cool neighbors, once again. And I hang out with 'em all the time. I even get discounts at the bagel shop next door ;-) Wo0! Haha. Speaking of which... I haven't eaten in a long time... Yesterday all I ate was a leftover taco and a breadstick from work. Maybe that's why I'm feelin so crappy *shrug*

Well I gotta get gift wrapping. It's Jordan's b-day tomorrow and I dunno.. I guess I miss buying him things so I picked up a little something just cause... I guess it's good we're friends now... makes life a little easier and it gives me something to spend money on.. Lol.

BTW! My b-day is comin up! Oooooooh yeah :*( Ugh. I'm not going to be a teenager for much longer...
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