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19 October 2005 @ 08:23 pm
Ahhh today was a good day. Besides the cold weather. It was my day off and I got a lot of shit done... I'd like more days like these but then I think I'd spend way too much money. My bank is tapped out for some reason. I really don't remeber spending all this money *shrug* Well I got a new cdplayer for my car the otherday and Jordan put it in for me which was wonderful! I love it! It's very cute :-) I'm about to rip everything out of my car to paint it... I just feel like painting it for some reason. Haha. Ahh I'm so bored and I can't even think right now because my mom is yapping in my ear. Ugh. Alright. Back to reality. So I've been working a lot... I started working back in the kitchen doing the salads and deserts... It's so much fun! Plus I get to flirt with all the cooks and eat all day. Haha. I've been hanging out with this one kid from work, Joe. He's a cool kid. I bitch and complain to him about all my drama and he doesn't seem to mind. That's a nice thing to have. I guess his girlfriend is a bitch but I think all guys say that about their women. I just don't want to start drama and tension and I get this feeling I am. I know the feeling... Your man hanging out with a new girl.. Blah.. not a good feeling at all so I feel guilty for some of their fights. Hmmm.. I'm still single... I don't mind it at all... besides the fact that X-mas is coming up.. I'm worried about being alone for that. But I'll always have my friends. I've been hanging out with my gf Anne a lot, going out to the bar and meeting so many new ppl.... One of her bf's friends likes me so we'll see where that goes :-) Ugh, I really can't concentrate. Thanx mom.
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