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23 March 2005 @ 03:22 pm
Home Sweet Home... Almost  
Today I went out apartment shopping... Actually looked inside places. Ugh am I disapointed in a way. They're all so small or run down or won't allow dogs or something. Bleh. I did find one I really like th0... It's cheap, nice location, nice house... it's on the 3rd floor th0.. Eh, good excercise I suppose! It's still in Webster so I'm still close to all my friends and I'm not going to get lost finding my way around. I'm calling the guy back tomorrow so I can show it to Erika and get her opinion. Dave, Erika's hubby, went with me today which was totally awesome cause I didn't know what questions to ask.

Uhm uhm uhm... Things still aren't getting anywhere with Jordan... I still love him but.. I'm also realizing the fact that it is probably not going anywhere unless he starts to make an attepmt with us. Hopefully so but if not, I can handle life on my own. I'm really having a blast at work.. I've met so many new ppl and I continue to do so. People will always be there for me even though I'd really like one of those to be my boyfriend. Things are going to change when I'm moved out. We won't see eachother as much at all... I'll be in my own place and he'll be back with his parents. Good for him, sure... I could move back in with my parents to save money but, I like the whole responsibility thing... And I like to have a place to call my own home... and to have my own rules n such. It's a good feeling ya know?!?

Tonight I'm gunna party at Erika's and Dave's crib... They're havin ppl over, as usual... Funnnn funn I tell ya!!! I don't know what I'd do without them!

Ugh I've been up since 8am, no idea why, and I'm just fuckin EXHAUSTED! I tried to sleep again but that just didn't happen... So I'm gunna go relax or something before it's time to drink...

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Current Music: Romee Barking
firechildofacid on March 24th, 2005 10:08 am (UTC)
This is Don (TOR COA)

Just wanted to say hello, good luck Apartment hunting...

I'm leaving for Iraq on April 18th... So I'm gonna try & have fun while I still can before I go back to "The Sand Box" to be a Contract Fire Fighter... I get to replace a trooop so he/she can go home to there family :)

Drop me a line on my LJ, been a while hun... I sent yah a letter while I was in Afganistan but I don't know if you ever recieved it...