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27 August 2005 @ 04:52 pm
I just wanna celebrateeee....  
So it's my birthday soon... whoopdie fuckin doo ;-) Hopefully I won't be alone on that day... Jordan said he'd spend it with me... That's all I asked from him really... But who knows. We were hanging out a lot lately.. Or talking atleast but I think that is slowly ending. I don't really know. I think he's afraid to hurt me again or just of a relationship with me again, I'm not quite sure. I was really enjoying myself with him. It was really nice. Nice to have him in my arms again and vice versa. Everything seemed almost normal... We were so lovey, so affectionate... Happy. But then I guess you could say it got weird *shrug* His immaturity [on certain things] and my over thinking brain just clashed. We haven't talked in a few days... I tried but I'm not going to over-do it. Stupid me also told him I loved him. Ugh. D'oh. Well I do. So I said it. Fuck it. I meant it. I really hope he gets over what ever happend the other day... I really don't know what happend. I just think we were trying to take it slow and that wasn't happening. Things are, were, going fast. I didn't mind. But then again I don't mind him as a friend, even th0 I fucking hate that title. The love of my life... my "friend" Blah.

Current Mood: chipperHappy to have a day off
Current Music: The ending to 6 feet under